Give Those G-Spots Earth-Shattering Orgasms Through Your Penis



This article will discuss how you could give your woman G spot orgasms through your member. You might wonder at first why through your penis. So here's why: The G spot is considered as women's holy grail of sexual satisfaction.


While the tips you will read here may make you think that all of it are plain and simple, the truth of the matter is, these are the things that most guys seldom do. Why? Because just like with any regular guy, men hate prolonged foreplay. But the key to a woman's complete satisfaction is through the things that you do before the actual penetration. The penis is not the major part of your body that should be focusing on giving her pleasure. A woman orgasms through the collective sensations that she feel during lovemaking, and often, even because of the things that she thinks and imagines while doing the act.


If you think that your woman is giving out an authentic orgasm every time you do it with her, well think again. Women sometimes fake the orgasm just to please their partners. There are ways for you to get out of this scenario and reach the perfect woman orgasms. Here are some tips for you to take your woman to that spine-tingling sensation you have always wanted her to have.